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              Price of fresh ginger in Luoping on August 27th
              China Ginger Net 2021-08-27 11:39 Email: nongyanyuan@126.com On-duty phone: +86-537-3163974
              The ginger prices of Luoping Yunnan
              Type Quality Price(¥) Changes
              Small yellow ginger Fine 3.0 or so weak
              Better 2.5 or so weak
              Poor 2.0 or so weak

              On August 27th,2021

              The new crop ginger is ready,selling fastly,the curing plant prepare the raw material at lower price.The old crop ginger stock price drop dowm too much than last week.so it sell slowly,the general transaction going very slow.now the better ginger of 2020 crop price of referring keep at 2.5 yuan per Jin.for new crop ginger price is 1.5 yuan per Jin.

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